Jasmine Banks (she/her), Executive Director

Jasmine Banks is a former non-profit co-founder, digital organizer and strategist, Chief Marketing Officer, and small business owner. As a first-generation high school and university graduate, she understands the critical role that all education plays in shaping our democracy. Jasmine joined UnKoch My Campus as a digital organizer. Her exceptional leadership with the digital program led to her promotion as Executive Director. Jasmine’s strategic approach, in all of her organizing, is to center the most vulnerable communities impacted by structural oppression.

She is a mother of 4, eternal fan of Beyoncé, and passionate supporter of her queer Black community.

Jasmine is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.

Jasmine can be reached at 


Samantha Parsons (she/her), Director of Campaigns & Co-founder.

Sam is a 2016 graduate of George Mason University, where she majored in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and focused her studies on structures of violence and social movements.

Sam co-founded Transparent GMU, a student campaign dedicated to making the university’s relationships with private donors open to the public. She co-founded GMU Student Power, a student organization focused on building power for accessible, diverse, and affordable higher education. Sam supported campaigns throughout Virginia as a student, including the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition and the Virginia Student Power Network. 

Sam is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.

Sam can be reached at 

Tempestt Tuggle (she/her), Operations

Tempestt was born and raised in St. Louis. Growing up in foster care, she learned she had a passion for helping people find their purpose. Tempestt has a passion extends in to creating community and supporting new organizers in social justice. When she is not working to make changes she is off enjoying her hobbies of arts & crafts, cooking and experimenting with tons of makeup.


Avital Norman Nathman (she/her), Media Relations

Avital Norman Nathman has spent over 10 years spinning and weaving words into everything from website copy to public health documents, weekly columns for Snoop Dogg, press releases, and a variety of print and online articles for outlets like The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, VOX, and many more. Her book, The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality, provided a platform for diverse voices that often get left out of the conversations surrounding parenting. As a first generation Jewish American, Avital strongly believes in the power of not only finding your voice, but sharing it with the world, particularly when it comes to underrepresented and marginalized communities.In addition to work, you will most likely find her in the garden pulling weeds, or in the kitchen, dancing with her husband and son.Avital is available to help facilitate media inquiries for both UnKoch staff and the folks we support.

Avital can be reached at

Hopie Melton (she/her), Student Organizer

Hopie Melton is a second-year student at the University of Chicago majoring in Public Policy and is a Part-Time Student Organizer for UnKoch My Campus. At school, she works closely with UChiVotes, a non-partisan voter registration organization seeking to energize eligible voters and discussing the issue of voter suppression in the United States. She also participates in Students Organizing and United for Labor and is a contributing writer for the political journal The Gate. In her free time, she loves to read books, listening to music, spending time outside, and playing with her dogs.

Hopie can be reached at


Emma Reilly (she/her), Student Organizer

Emma is an undergraduate student studying public policy and linguistics. She runs a non partisan political organization on campus and is involved with student government. Emma recently became certified in mental health first aid. She is really excited to be a member of UnKoch and work to improve transparency in our higher education institutions. Emma is an avid reader, musician and lover of caffeinated beverages.


Connor Gibson (he/him), Volunteer & Co-founder of UnKoch My Campus

He works for Greenpeace's Investigations team, with a focus on the political influence of polluting industries, their front groups, PR firms and political operatives. 

Connor's research on Koch Industries, particularly its support for attacks on climate change science and policy, led to campuses financed by Charles Koch. Students, alumni and faculty several universities periodically contacted Greenpeace with concerns from 2012 to 2013, catalyzing an effort to support and connect students on several campuses that eventually became UnKoch.

Connor joined Greenpeace USA in 2010 after completing and environmental studies degree at the University of Vermont. Connor, and his research, have appeared in a wide variety of media publications.

Connor is available to assist reporters, students, faculty, alumni, or anyone else with questions at