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Lindsey Berger is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. Lindsey has spearheaded UnKoch's lasting student leadership development at our most critical campuses, and built relationships with key allies, all while overseeing the campaign's financial well-being.

Prior to launching UnKoch, Lindsey spent four years running grassroots campaigns and training programs for students while working for Sierra Club and Greenpeace. 

Lindsey Berger graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Education.

Lindsey is available for campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.



Samantha Parsons is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. Sam is a 2016 graduate of George Mason University, where she majored in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and focused her studies on structures of violence and social movements.

Sam co-founded Transparent GMU, a student campaign dedicated to making the university’s relationships with private donors open to the public. She co-founded GMU Student Power, a student organization focused on building power for accessible, diverse, and affordable higher education. Sam supported campaigns throughout Virginia as a student, including the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition and the Virginia Student Power Network. 

Sam is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.

Sam can be reached at samantha@unkochmycampus.org


Connor Gibson is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. He works for Greenpeace's Investigations team, with a focus on the political influence of polluting industries, their front groups, PR firms and political operatives. 

Connor's research on Koch Industries, particularly its support for attacks on climate change science and policy, led to campuses financed by Charles Koch. Students, alumni and faculty several universities periodically contacted Greenpeace with concerns from 2012 to 2013, catalyzing an effort to support and connect students on several campuses that eventually became UnKoch.

Connor joined Greenpeace USA in 2010 after completing and environmental studies degree at the University of Vermont. Connor, and his research, have appeared in a wide variety of media publications.

Connor is available to assist reporters, students, faculty, alumni, or anyone else with questions at connor.gibson@greenpeace.org



Ralph Wilson is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. He currently studies academic and donor policy at universities, with a particular interest in corporate influence and academic independence.

Ralph is an alumnus of Troy University & Florida State University with a research background in pure and applied mathematics, experimental physics, and electrical power systems. 

Ralph co-founded the FSU Progress Coalition, a student group that has worked to expose and combat the corporatization of education since 2011. Additional interests include criminal justice reform, electoral reform, climate change denial, and money in politics. 

Ralph is available for research help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.


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Kyli is UnKoch My Campus's digital organizer. She manages UnKoch's digital channels including social media, email, and website. Kyli works to help people across the country draw connections between the Koch's political agenda and their investments in higher education. She also helps give folks ways they can get involved in this important campaign, no matter where they live.

Kyli graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Policy.

Before coming to UnKoch, Kyli specialized in digital volunteer engagement for Greenpeace USA. Kyli currently lives in Madison, WI. You can reach out to her with general inquiries and questions about how to get involved!




Jerry Funt is a co-founder of UnKoch My Campus. He first got involved as a freshman at  Florida State University with Progress Coalition - a student group that helped found the UnKoch network. Originally involved in efforts to fight tuition increases and budget cuts, he quickly became involved with a variety of student-based issues such as transparency in education, open-source learning materials, and voting rights. Jerry studied both philosophy and economics at FSU, and his time spent in the department of economics gave him a first-hand perspective as to how the influence of donor money can influence the way a department teaches. He has been quoted about this experience in New Yorker author Jane Mayer’s 2016 book “Dark Money.” He can be contacted at jerryfunt@gmail.com.