Jasmine Banks, Executive Director

Jasmine Banks is a former non-profit co-founder, digital organizer and strategist, Chief Marketing Officer, and small business owner. As a first-generation high school and university graduate, she understands the critical role that all education plays in shaping our democracy. Jasmine joined UnKoch My Campus as a digital organizer. Her exceptional leadership with the digital program led to her promotion as Executive Director. Jasmine’s strategic approach, in all of her organizing, is to center the most vulnerable communities impacted by structural oppression.

She is a mother of 4, eternal fan of Beyoncé, and passionate supporter of her queer Black community.

Jasmine is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.

Jasmine can be reached at 


Samantha Parsons, Director of Campaigns & Co-founder.

Sam is a 2016 graduate of George Mason University, where she majored in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and focused her studies on structures of violence and social movements.

Sam co-founded Transparent GMU, a student campaign dedicated to making the university’s relationships with private donors open to the public. She co-founded GMU Student Power, a student organization focused on building power for accessible, diverse, and affordable higher education. Sam supported campaigns throughout Virginia as a student, including the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition and the Virginia Student Power Network. 

Sam is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, media requests, and all other questions.

Sam can be reached at


Bailey Sexton, Digital Organizer.

Bailey is a former Campaign Manager, Political Director, and staffer. She previously served as the President of the Young Democrats of Arkansas.

As the first in her family to walk across a stage at graduation and a child of a working-class family, she leads in her organizing with her personal experience and passion for building equity for families like hers.

She is a proud queer woman from the south and believes that her identity and position on the map gives her a unique perspective on audience building, storytelling, and engagement.

Her lived experiences, professional accomplishments, and desire to address the root causes of oppression that are fueled by undue donor influence make her a force to be reckoned with.

Bailey is available for organizing help, campus inquiries, collaboration, media requests, and all other questions at

Connor Gibson, Volunteer & Co-founder of UnKoch My Campus.

He works for Greenpeace's Investigations team, with a focus on the political influence of polluting industries, their front groups, PR firms and political operatives. 

Connor's research on Koch Industries, particularly its support for attacks on climate change science and policy, led to campuses financed by Charles Koch. Students, alumni and faculty several universities periodically contacted Greenpeace with concerns from 2012 to 2013, catalyzing an effort to support and connect students on several campuses that eventually became UnKoch.

Connor joined Greenpeace USA in 2010 after completing and environmental studies degree at the University of Vermont. Connor, and his research, have appeared in a wide variety of media publications.

Connor is available to assist reporters, students, faculty, alumni, or anyone else with questions at