How are the Koch Brothers influencing higher education?

It's all about the money. 

The corrosive influence of "dark money" has undermined the democratic institutions of the United States, but not just in our political system. Education, in particular higher education, serves as the engine of critical inquiry and the foundation of our democracy. It is where citizens are exposed to ideas, and in turn, is responsible for shaping public opinion, political discourse, and political policy for decades to come.

The same wealthy donors and corporations that have been polluting our political system for self-interested political change have turned their eyes to universities for long term political and cultural change. Nobody more exemplifies this breed of political philanthropist more than Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries.

Recordings and documents from the Charles Koch Foundation and its network of professors shows how Koch's academic programming is political rather than educational, "leveraging science and universities" for political gain.

Koch Industries and their network of wealthy donors use an "integrated strategy," called the Structure of Social Change that uses targeted funding of universities, think tanks, and political groups for the "implementation of policy change."  

Koch's network, many of whom make up the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, have been using this integrated strategy for decades, and their spending is accelerating. Read more about Koch's politically driven academics.