Advancing White Supremacy
Through Academic Strategy

Preface and Table of contents

In Florida, a state certified program funded by the Charles Koch Foundation and private prison GEO Group, teaches “Tea Party” religious-extremism to prisoners under the guise of "civics" education. This program is directed by Florida Atlantic University political science professor Marshall DeRosa.

DeRosa is a scholar at Florida’s premier Koch-funded think-tank, the James Madison Institute, where he published a report suggesting that restoration of voting rights for prisoners be dependent upon the completion of civics courses, such as his.

Coupled with the larger criminal justice reforms being pushed by the Koch network, DeRosa’s project paints a grim picture of things to come. Under the pretense of reducing recidivism, and with the help of deeply flawed research, Koch-network reformers are advocating for the mass privatization of prisoner reentry programs. This will create more opportunities for private contractors to profit, and for Charles Koch and his allies to inject free-market and religious extremism into public institutions.

DeRosa is part of a larger network of extremist scholars who subscribe to Austrian economics, with close affiliations to, if not direct funding from, the Charles Koch Foundation. Many of these scholars join DeRosa at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a “neo-confederate” think tank.

As recently as 2009, several joined him as “faculty” at the League of the South Institute, which serves as the “educational arm” of the violent white nationalist hate group, the League of the South. Many of these “neo-confederate” economists hold high positions within Koch’s top academic operations, including the Association of Private Enterprise Education, the Institute for Humane Studies, and George Mason University.

Building off of this example at Florida Atlantic University, this report exposes Koch’s financing of scholars and operatives who have fought against civil rights for decades. The Koch family’s network not only spread free-market/white supremacist ideas, but it also turned those ideas into action, leveraging research for political change.

The report’s chapters describe the interwoven infrastructure of neo-confederate scholars, funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, who are training and recruiting the next generation of anti-civil rights Austrian economists. We explore the dangerous ideologies involved in this network, past and present, including recent influence on the violent Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis.

Other chapters highlight the Koch family’s involvement in Nazi sympathizing, efforts to oppose the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and the present-day Koch network’s effort to roll-back opposing civil rights.

We believe that understanding the Charles Koch Foundation’s material support for, and ideological confluence with, a network of Neo-Confederate and white nationalist scholars is integral to understanding the Koch-network’s past and present efforts to resegregate our nation’s schools, dismantle voting rights, and expand the prison industrial complex -- all at the expense of people of color.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0: Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Extremist Reentry & Right on Crime

Chapter 2: Academic White SupremacY: People, Programs, and Ideas

Chapter 3: The Koch Family - An Unbroken Lineage of White Supremacy

Chapter 4: The Koch Network - An Anti-Civil Rights Crusade

Chapter 5: The Battle For The Campus


Table of Contents (Expanded)

Chapter 1: Extremist Reentry & Right on Crime

Chapter 2: Academic White Supremacy

  • Part 1: Network of Neo-confederate Economists

  • Part 2: The People:

    1. Charles Koch Funds Mises Institute Scholars

    2. Koch’s Mises Scholars

    3. APEE’s Mises Scholars

  • Part 3: The Programs

    1. George Mason University, the League of the South, and the Mises Institute

    2. The Koch-funded Mises Institute “Talent Pipeline"

  • Part 4: The Ideas

    1. Paleo-Libertarianism: Original Alt-Right

    2. Neo-Reactionary “Helicopter-ism”: Libertarian-Fascism and the Violent Alt-Right

    3. The Alt-Right/Mises Feedback Loop

    4. Neo-Nazi Rhetoric for Free-Markets: “Blood and Soil

    5. Mises-Based Management: The Koch/Hoppe Science of Human Action

    6. Neo-Fascist “Constitutions of Liberty": Austria and Chile

Chapter 3: The Koch Family - An Unbroken Lineage of White Supremacy

  1. Koch Attends Segregated “Freedom School”

  2. John Birch Society Influence On Koch’s Higher Ed Strategy

  3. Current Ties To JBS

Chapter 4: The Koch Network - An Anti-Civil Rights Crusade

Chapter 5: The Battle For The Campus

  • Part 1: Fighting Campus Diversity and the Movement for Black Lives

    1. Opposition to Diversity in Higher Education

    2. “Western Civilization” Programs to “defeat” BLM

    3. Anti-BLM and Anti-Social Justice Scholars

      1. Heather MacDonald: Anti-Black Lives Matter Scholar

      2. James Otteson: Well Being Scholar and Social Justice Skeptic

      3. APEE 2017: The Superiority of “Anglo” Cultures and “How Some Cultures Suck"

  • Part 2: Campus "Free Speech”

    1. Shielding Extremists on campus

    2. Free Speech Center with Hate Speech Apologist

    3. The Campus Free Speech Attack Dog Is Born

    4. Using Flawed Research to Support “Campus Free Speech”

    5. Campus Free Speech Crisis: An ALEC/Goldwater Production

    6. Charles Murray and the American Enterprise Institute

  • Part 3: Koch’s Self-directed Donations to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

    1. United Negro College Fund

      1. Donor influence over Koch Scholars Program

      2. Restricted majors align with existing Koch programs

      3. UNCF: Koch Influence Over Curriculum

    2. Thurgood Marshall College Fund

      1. Koch Control over the Center for Advancing Opportunity

      2. CAO: Front for the American Enterprise Institute and School Choice

      3. TMCF’s First Koch Center


  1. Cleon Skousen

  2. Mark Skousen