Protect the University of Pittsburgh from the Koch Network!

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh has announced a new “Center for Governance and Markets,” funded by The Charles Koch Foundation. Plans for this center have been intentionally kept secret due to the highly controversial nature of the funding. 

The center’s unethical genesis, as well as its corrupt funding from the Charles Koch Foundation, have moved us to stand together and demand that GSPIA retract its plans for the Center for Governance and Markets and implement policies to protect the University of Pittsburgh from future donor interference. 

Don’t let the University of Pittsburgh become the next cog in the Koch Network's political machine.

Download the full report!

Download the full report!


A new major is being proposed under the Koch-funded Center at the University of Pittsburgh. The program includes glaringly Koch-influenced curriculum, showing a failure to maintain academic integrity.

Read the full proposal & analysis from students and faculty by downloading their annotated report here!