2. Donor Influence In Hiring

C. Donor Requires Permanent University Support


In several instances, documents reveal that the Charles Koch Foundation requires universities to support their hires after the end of the Koch foundation's funding commitment. 


At Florida State University, the 2008 MOU describes the Professorship Positions:

FSU agrees to assume full responsibility for the continued maintenance and funding for the Professorship Positions once the Project Period (as set forth in Section 12) for each Professorship Position has expired. (2008 and 2013 FSU MOU, Section 3.c)

At Utah State University, the 2008 MOU spells out the details of a jointly funded set of five professorships. The MOU describes "USU Commitment," and how the university "will fulfill its obligations set forth in this Agreement," including:

Each of the Professors will receive salary and benefits from USU's existing salary pool ("base funding"), plus a salary supplement funded under this Agreement. When CGK Foundation's funding obligations cease under this Agreement, whether by expiry of the 5-year period or as set forth elsewhere in the Agreement, USU agrees to continue the base funding of the salaries and benefits of the Professors (USU 2008 MOU, Section 2.c

At Clemson University, the 2009 MOU describes the two "Donor Supported Faculty Positions," one of whom "will begin with the rank of a fulltime tenure track faculty professor":

University agrees to assume continued funding of the tenure-track Donor Supported Faculty Position once CGK Foundation's funding obligations under this Agreement expire, if the performance of the faculty member holding the tenure-track position has been rated "very good" or "excellent" each year (Clemson 2008 MOU, Section I.g )

At West Virginia University, the “Donor Supported Professorship Positions” established by CKF are required to comply with the following Objectives and Purposes:

The University agrees to provide permanent funding for Donor Supported Professorship Positions upon receipt of six years of externally provided funding in support of such positions (WVU 2009 MOU, Section VI.E)

At the University of Louisville, a 2015 MOU describes the General Provisions of the agreement:

The Foundation's and University's obligation's shall end upon the Donor's termination of this Agreement, except that the University shall continue to provide support to maintain the Tenure-Track Professorships indefinitely (UL 2015 MOU, Section 8.a)

At the University of Kentucky, a 2015 MOU spells out the "University's Commitment ot and Support for the Institute":

The University shall support the Institute Programs as provided for in this Agreement to advance the Institute and the University's missions during the term. The University shall continue supporting the faculty positions included in the Institute Programs and the Ph.D. Fellowships after the University expends all Contributed Amounts (defined below) received from the Donor. (UK 2015 MOU, Section 3)