Want to find out if your campus needs to be "UnKoched"?

1) Campus Database

     Search Connor's database of Koch Schools

     Search Connor's database of Koch Schools

                  Read Connor's 2014 report

                  Read Connor's 2014 report

An interactive database is available at PolluterWatch, listing several hundred campuses that have received money from Koch family foundations between 2005-2014. An accompanying report was published in 2014 by Connor Gibson, Koch on Campus: Polluting Higher Education

This database includes more detailed information about the financial contributions of those 3 foundations as reported in the Foundations' IRS 990 tax filings. Click through to search for your school or state abbreviation.

Whether or not your school is funded by Koch, you may be receiving funding from other members of Koch's network. Search for your school at Conservativetransparency.org

2) Koch's Funny Lists

If you can't find your school in the database, don't celebrate just yet.

Several lists of schools were published by the Charles Koch Foundation containing universities that do not appear on Koch's 990 tax forms. The Koch foundation has stopped publishing these little lists. View the full list here, or click below to view Koch-funded schools by month: 

3) When in Doubt - UnKoch Toolkit

If you are still not sure, please see pg 35-39 of Lindsey's All-Purpose UnKoch Toolkit