Want to find out if your campus needs to be "UnKoched"?

1)  About 360 campuses seem to be receiving support from the Kochs, and the first step is to determine if yours is one of them. These lists were published by the Charles Koch Foundation and have not been edited or created by UnKoch, we are simply republishing their information. View the full list here, or click below to view Koch-funded schools by month: November 2009November 2010August 2011November 2012February 2013April 2013 (via Waking Places blog), May 2013September 2013December 2013 (via Yumpyu), January 2014 (via highfusion.com), April 2014August 2014November 2014January 2015February 2015March 2015April 2015May 2015June 2015August 2015September 2015October 2015.

2)  Is your campus on the list of 360 schools? If the answer is "yes," there might be a little more in-depth information for you to check out. An interactive database is available at PolluterWatch, which lists about 254 campuses that received money from the 3 Koch-affiliated foundations between 2005-2012. This database includes more detailed information about the financial contributions of those 3 foundations as reported in the Foundations' IRS 990 tax filings. Click through to search for your school:

Table of Contents

  • Welcome Letter

  • Koch on Campus Timeline

  • Understanding KochWorld

  • Koch Industries

  • Koch Brothers Biography

  • ALEC Background

  • SPN Background

  • Step By Step Guide

  • General Research Tips and Resources

  • Research Guide for Campus Campaigns

  • Koch in the News

  • Media Guide

  • Working Glossary