Koch and Arizona State University (ASU)

Full media roundup

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*5/12/2017: Ducey signs $9.8 billion state budget, Howard Fisher, Capital Media Services

5/8/2017: Legislator: Don't blame us for lousy teacher pay, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

5/6/2017: Arizona's budget battle: Who won and who lost, Alia Beard Rau , Yvonne Wingett Sanchez , Mary Jo Pitzl and Ronald J. Hansen, Arizona Republic

5/5/2017: AZ Legislature approves $9.8 billion budget, pay hike for teachers, Howard Fisher, Capital Media Services

*4/12/2017: Center for Political Thought and Leadership aims to affect political discourse on ASU’s campus, Michael Atencio, ASU State Press

1/24/2017: Devil’s in the details: Living in reality with the Governor’s budget, Clyde Steele, Tuscon Local Media

1/7/2017: 9 times Gov. Doug Ducey made news in 2016, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, Arizona Republic


12/28/2016: Doug Ducey was amazing (astonishing, really) in 2016, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

*6/28/2016: Inside Charles Koch’s Plot To Hijack Universities Across America And Spread His Radical ‘Free-Market’ Propaganda, Alex Kotch, AlterNet

6/19/2016: Big men on campus: The Koch brothers’ university donations are a veiled political weapon, Alex Kotch, Salon

6/13/2016: The Decline Of Research At Public Universities Erodes Public Trust, Casey Quinlan, ThinkProgress

6/9/2016: Does Doug Ducey really wear tights and a cape?, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

*6/3/2016: When universities try to behave like businesses, education suffers, Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

5/29/2016: Universities are the proving grounds of ideas, Ken Mayo, LTE, Arizona Republic.

*5/26/2016: Koch Funded Free Market Universities in Arizona, Interview with Alex Kotch, Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network

5/26/2016: The Koch Bros Right Wing Lab...., Interview with Alex Kotch, The Big Picture with Them Hartmann, RT

*5/23/2016: The Koch Brothers Are Using This State as Their Right-Wing Laboratory, Alex Kotch, AlterNet

5/10/2016: Gov. Doug Ducey signs $9.6 billion Arizona budget, Alia Beard Rau, Arizona Republic

5/10/2016: Ducey (read: the Kochs) scores monster wins in Arizona, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

5/4/2016: Lawmakers actually DID this: $5 million for billionaires; $0 for needy children, E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

5/4/2016: Our leaders avoid sticking it to schools (for a change), Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

*5/3/2016: Can you honestly blame the Koch brothers?, Elvia Diaz, Arizona Republic

5/2/2016: Koch Money To Arizona Universities Comes Without Conditions, Except For All The Conditions, American Bridge

4/28/2016: More cuts to K-12 schools? Really, Gov. Ducey? Really?, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

4/28/2016: Proof in 4 letters that DeVry connection BOOSTS Arizona universities, E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

4/28/2016: Arizona Republicans want funding for Koch-backed schools, Ryan Van Velzer and Bob Christie, AP

*4/28/2016: $5 Million Is Going To Koch-Backed Think Tanks In Arizona Universities. Professors Are Angry., Casey Quinlan, ThinkProgress

4/27/2016: Budget vote delayed over school funding battle, Alia Beard Rau, Ronald J. Hansen, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez & Mary Jo Pitzl, Arizona Republic

4/27/2016: Controversial money issue is stalling budget talks, Bud Foster, Tuscon News Now

4/27/2016: At the Capitol: Pause on budget by House reflects members’ concerns, AP / Casa Grande Dispatch

4/27/2016: Ducey, Arizona legislators want millions for academic allies, Yvonne Wingette Sanchez, Arizona Republic

4/27/2016: Koch brothers buying their way into our kids' brains at ASU and UA, E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

*4/27/2016: Dot by dot, Koch takeover of Arizona is happening, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

*4/26/2016: ALEC Gives Arizona an 'Economic Outlook' Magic Pony Award, David Safier, Tuscon Weekly

4/26/2016: This week, we'll see if education is a priority in Arizona, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

*4/25/2016: $5 Million for 'Freedom Centers', Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed

*4/25/2016: Biz tax cuts, university funds in proposed $9.5B AZ budget, Howard Fischer, Capital Media Services

4/19/2016: Is the AZ Legislature Planning to Give $5 Million to Koch Brothers-Backed "Economic Freedom Centers"?, David Safier, The Range (Tuscon Weekly)

*4/18/2016: Is Ducey paying off ASU's Koch center for endorsing Prop. 123?, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

4/18/2016: State universities slated to get $5M for little-known ‘freedom schools’, Hank Stephenson, Arizona Capital Times

*1/28/2016: To Charles Koch, Professors are Lobbyists, Connor Gibson, Huffington Post

*1/27/2016: To Charles Koch, Universities are Propaganda Machines, Connor Gibson, Huffington Post

1/4/2016: Academia needs 'diversity of ideas', John Hardin (Charles Koch Foundation), Louisville Courier Journal



10/23/2015: Koch-funded university’s support of AZ Gov Ducey’s school funding plan draws fire, National Education Association

10/14/2015: Education a smart investment even in a down economy, Cooper Temple, The Daily Wildcat

10/8/2015: ASU (read: Koch) lauds Ducey's school plan, Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

10/8/2015: Koch-backed ASU study endorses Ducey's Arizona school-funding plan, Mary Jo Pitzl, Arizona Republic

5/20/2015: Kiss Academic Freedom Goodbye: The Koch Brothers Invade College Campuses, American Bridge

5/18/2015: ASU center report: Arizona would be more competitive without state income tax, Eric J. Toll, Phoenix Business Journal

5/14/2015: “Kochtopus” cash and Koch Brothers U. (ASU), Blue Melanie, Blog for Arizona

*5/14/2015: Big news out of Koch Brothers University...ah...ASU, E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

*5/14/2015: Arizona is being groomed for the eradication of income tax, Donna Gratehouse, Blog for Arizona

*5/13/2015: Ending Arizona's personal income tax is feasible, study says, Russ Wiles, Arizona Republic

2/27/2015: Green McCarthyism: Grijalva smears scientist, Doug MacEachern, Arizona Republic

*1/8/2015: What Might Be In Store for Koch Foundation Money at the University of Louisville, James McNair, Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting



12/1/2014: Arizona State University announces new Center for the Study of Economic Liberty, Charles Koch Foundation

*11/28/2014: ASU creates economic-liberty center with $5 million in gifts, Arizona Republic

11/13/2014: Koch Foundation Buys Academic Slots, Marjorie Heins, Academe Blog

11/4/2014: Koch Money on Campus: Who's Getting Grants and For What?, Ade Adeniji, Inside Philanthropy

*9/17/2014: Koch Pollution on Campus: Academic Freedom Under Assault from Charles Koch's $50 Million Campaign to Infiltrate Higher Education, Connor Gibson & Lindsey Berger, Greenpeace USA

*7/30/2014: When universities sell their souls, why do they have to sell so cheaply?, Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

*7/30/2014: Go Teach Pro-Capitalist Propaganda History at Arizona State University, Erik Loomis, Lawyers, Guns & Money

7/29/2014: Arizona State University announces new center for political thought and leadership, Charles Koch Foundation

7/26/2014: Director Named for ASU's Center for Political Thought and Leadership, Arizona Daily Independent