The Problem

Donors are exerting undue influence on colleges and universities nationwide to further a corrupt agenda that center corporations and efforts to roll back social and economic progress.

Our Vision

The vision of UnKoch My Campus is to preserve our democracy through protecting higher education from actors whose expressed intent is to place private interests over the common good.

Protect Higher Education

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Our Strategic Plan

Investigate and Audit

UnKoch My Campus investigates the relationships between wealthy donors, corporations, and educational institutions. Education, in particular higher education, serves as an engine of critical inquiry and foundation of our democracy, where the pursuit and production of knowledge shapes public opinion, political discourse, and political policy for decades to come

Build Local and National Power

Our solutions come from student activists, professors, and local stakeholders. We support the grassroots efforts of campuses working to rid themselves of the Kochs' corporate influence. Through a cohesive and intentional plan of action, we catalyze local efforts and use these networks to expand national power in our issue area.

Create Accountability Through Conversation

UnKoch My Campus believes that transparency is an essential feature of accountability. We partner with local and national actors and engage media in order to create conversations about our investigations.

Facilitate Access to Ideal Solutions

We believe change is possible. We work in tandem with local and national stakeholders to create frameworks for ideal solutions that are in alignment with the impacted communities in an effort to see communities thrive outside of undue donor influence.


From the students…

"The power of students, faculty, staff, and community members can no longer be ignored. I am so empowered to work in coalition with each of these constituencies to demand full and complete transparency."

— Janine Gaspari, Transparent GMU


Our Grounding Beliefs

  • Change is possible

  • Elevating private interests of corporations and the wealthy over the common good catalyzes structural oppression. Disrupting this strategy builds a more just society where communities can grow unhindered

  • It is imperative that communities recover the power to shape the institutions they value, free of corrupt influences.

  • Constructive conflict is necessary and critical to transform our communities in service of a more just world

  • Shared and appropriate governance is vital to break free from corrupt hierarchical structures that threaten the common good

  • Education and the advancement of knowledge is foundational to democracy. Protecting our democracy is reliant upon preserving the independence of our colleges and universities.