10 Reasons to Reject Koch's Criminal Justice Agenda

  1. The Koch-backed Mens Rea Act of 2017 would make it virtually impossible to convict white collar criminals, like Koch Industries. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/mens-rea/)

  2. Koch’s white collar “overcriminalization” reforms were funded in secret for decades with people and groups attending Koch’s secret donor summits. All senate sponsors of the Mens Rea Act of 2017 have attended at least one of Koch's secret donor seminars (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/hidden-money-secret-seminars/)

  3. Koch’s “Right on Crime” project seeks to expand the prison industrial complex by privatizing reentry services, which private prison contractors have now expanded to offer. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/privatizing-reentry/)

  4. Right on Crime’s recidivism research rests on decades of flawed methodology and misrepresented results used to inflate cost savings and secure contracts. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/decades-of-flawed-research/)

  5. Koch’s Right on Crime is working in lockstep with ALEC and the same reformers who were responsible for Tough on Crime and the development of the prison industrial complex. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/privatizing-reentry#ALEC)

  6. Koch Industries secretly funded the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ White Collar Crime Project who lobbied on matters directly affecting Koch Industries. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/hidden-money-secret-seminars#money_lobbying)

  7. Despite constant requests, Koch Industries only donated to NACDL’s indigent defense work after NACDL’s Norman Reimer was identified at Koch’s 2014 secret donor seminar. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/mens-rea#obstruction)

  8. Koch Industries’ hard line politicians derailed meaningful bipartisan criminal justice reforms in 2016 after claiming Koch’s white collar reforms were non-negotiable. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/hidden-money-secret-seminars/)

  9. Koch’s Right on Crime efforts in Florida involve funding a former judge who has been involved in decades of exploitative private parole and electronic monitoring profiteering (https://www.prwatch.org/news/2016/06/13115/koch-criminal-justice-reform-report-reentry-follow-money)

  10. While Koch’s 2016 attempts at white-collar Mens Rea reform were opposed by the Obama administration, the current administration is unlikely resist. (http://www.unkochmycampus.org/mens-rea/)