Koch and Utah State University (USU)

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*8/17/2017: "Suspicious relationship between the Koch brothers and Utah university raises eyebrows," Mark Hand, ThinkProgress.

*8/12/2017: "Beware the Koch influence on campus," op-ed, Beware the Koch influence on campus, Kason Kendall, Salt Lake Tribune.

8/9/2017: "America is becoming an oligarchy," op-ed, Ellie Ienatsch, Salt Lake Tribune.

8/7/2017: "U Students and Faculty Voice Concerns Over $10 Million Koch Foundation Donation," Emily Anderson, Daily Utah Chronicle. 

8/6/2017: "The money Utah schools get from Koch foundation comes with no strings," op-ed, Frank Caliendo (Koch-funded USU Professor), Salt Lake Tribune.

*8/4/2017: "Friday's Behind The Headlines," Roger McDonough, Utah Public Radio.

8/3/2017: "Charles Koch Foundation has some at University of Utah concerned about academic freedom," Alex Stuckey, Salt Lake Tribune.

8/2/2017: "$10M Koch Donation to University of Utah Raises Concerns," Lindsey Whitehurst, Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report, and KSL.

7/29/2017: "Grappling with and evaluating the unfamiliar, including from those supported by the Koch Foundation," op-ed, M. Royce Vance Tassell, Salt Lake Tribune.

*7/26/2017: "Billionaire Kochs may be getting a deal if they buy the U.'s reputation for $10M," op-ed, Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune.

7/25/2017: "A lasting gift," Editorial, Salt Lake Tribune.

*7/25/2017: "Did the Koch family buy a piece of the University of Utah to 'balance' a Marxist faculty?," Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times.

7/21/2017: "Koch brother and Eccles family to give $20M for a University of Utah economics institute," Mike Gorrell, Salt Lake Tribune.

7/12/2017: "Newsweek failed to disclose fossil fuel ties in an article promoting industry groups’ claims," Kevin Kalhoefer, Media Matters.

*7/9/2017: "On USU, climate and Koch money," op-ed, Jack Greene, Logan Herald-Journal.

*6/22/2017: "Utah State University Responds To Student Protest of Koch Donation," Katherine Taylor, Utah Public Radio.

*6/19/2017: "Koch donation invites unethical behavior," op-ed, Darren Bingham, Logan Herald-Journal.

6/12/2017: "Utah State Demonstrators Protest Koch Brothers Donation," Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report.

*6/10/2017: "‘SOLD’: USU students protest $25 million donation from Charles Koch Foundation," Alyssa Roberts, the Utah Statesman.

*6/10/2017: "Projecting anger: USU students protest Koch gift by lighting side of building," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

*6/9/2017: "SOLD! sign projected on USU business school to protest $25M gift from Koch Foundation," Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News and KSL.

*6/4/2017: "Koch Foundation to fund new research institution at USU," Alyssa Roberts, the Utah Statesman.

6/2/2017: "USU's Huntsman Scholars Program getting a 'total redesign'," Mitch Henline, Cache Valley Daily, 

5/23/2017: "Joining Forces: The Unusual Billionaire Duo Behind a Big Campus Gift," Mike Scutari, Inside Philanthropy.

*5/21/2017: "The rights of university faculties," op-ed, Paul Taylor, Deseret News.

5/16/2017: "Jon Huntsman Sr. defends $50M USU gift," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

5/11/2017: "Charles Koch Foundation partners on $50M gift to Utah State," Daniel McCoy, Wichita Business Journal.

5/10/2017: "Grants Roundup: Huntsman and Koch Funds Team on $50 Million Utah State Grant," Rebecca Koenig, Chronicle of Philanthropy.

5/7/2017: "Utah State University Receives Joint $50 Million Donation," Associated Press via U.S. News & World Report.

5/6/2017: "USU announces new programs after receiving 'largest gift in school history'," KUTV CBS 2.

5/6/2017: "Huntsman, Koch foundations make joint $50 million gift to USU business school," Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News and KSL.

5/6/2017: "Inside the newsroom: Uncovering the story of the U. and Huntsman Cancer Institute," Doug Wilks, Deseret News, 

5/6/2017: "Huntsman family, Koch foundation give combined $50 million gift to Utah State University’s business school," Benjamin Wood, Salt Lake Tribune.

5/6/2017: "USU Huntsman School of Business Receives $50 Million Gift," Utah State Today, Utah State University.

*5/4/2017: "USU announces $50 million joint Koch-Huntsman gift, largest in school history," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

4/11/2017: "On Blacklists, Harassment, and Outside Funders: A Response to Phil Magness," Hank Reichman, Academe Blog.

2/2/2017: "The Whitman School’s receipt of a Charles Koch Foundation grant is raising academic freedom concerns," Michael Burke, The Daily Orange, Syracuse University.

*2/2/2017: "Charles Koch Ramps Up Higher Ed Funding to Fuel 'Talent Pipeline'," Alex Kotch for PR Watch / Truth-Out.



12/10/2016: "USU professor hired under Koch gift agreement set to teach," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

10/24/2016: "Next USU president has a lot of work to do, emails suggest," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

6/19/2016: "Big men on campus: The Koch brothers’ university donations are a veiled political weapon," Alex Kotch for AlterNet / Salon.

5/6/2016: "Inside The Fossil Fuel Industry's Media Strategy To Drill And Mine On Public Lands," Denise Robbins, Media Matters.

5/6/2016: "Meet The Utah Columnist Shining A Light On Fossil Fuel Front Groups," Denise Robbins, Media Matters.

3/16/2016: "USU aims to attract entrepreneurs with new $50M business building," Annie Knox, Salt Lake Tribune.

*3/11/2016: "Utah taxpayers are helping out the Koch brothers," Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune.

*2/12/2016: "The Koch brothers: Coming soon to your neighborhood," Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune.

1/15/2016: "The State Of The Union On Wind Energy: A Tale Of Two Fact Checks," Denise Robbins, Media Matters.

*1/11/2016: "Debate: The Utah-Koch connection," George Pyle, Salt Lake Tribune. 

1/11/2016: "Who's pulling the strings?" Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune.

*1/10/2016: "Is USU’s lost credibility worth the Koch money?" Letter to the Editor, Jim Harris, Salt Lake Tribune.



11/18/2015: "A-TV News, November 18, 2015," Aggie TV News, Utah State University.

11/13/2015: "News roundup," Political Cornflakes blog, Salt Lake Tribune.

11/12/2015: "Utah State releases details of Koch Foundation gift," Associated Press, via KSL.

11/12/2015: "Koch Foundation giving Utah State University $1.54M," Annie Knox, Salt Lake Tribune.

11/12/2015: "Utah State releases details of Koch Foundation gift," Daryl Lindsey, KUTV CBS.

11/11/2015: "USU releases new $1.5 million Koch Foundation gift agreement," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

11/9/2015: "Students petition for transparency of Koch Foundation financial donations," Braydens O'Brien, the Utah Statesman.

11/9/2015: "Koch Brothers," Letter to the Editor, Diego Mendiola, the Utah Statesman.

*11/7/2015: "Free market not the same as capitalism," George Pyle, Salt Lake Tribune.

11/6/2015: "News roundup: Obama’s new role: Attack comic-in-chief," Political Cornflakes Blog, Salt Lake Tribune.

*11/5/2015: "USU students demand transparency, release of Koch agreement," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

*11/5/2015: "Students in Utah call for transparency in Koch brother gifts," Lindsay Whitehurst, the Associated Press, via WTOP.

*11/5/2015: "Students want more details on donations from Koch brothers to Utah college," Annie Knox, Salt Lake Tribune.

11/5/2015: "Students Across The Country: Keep Our Campuses Koch-Free," American Bridge.

*10/19/2015: "Utah State professor brings misinformation campaign to Michigan, Colorado," Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

*10/18/2015: "Ohio lawmakers' energy mandates study critically flawed," op-ed, Gabe Elsner, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

*10/16/2015: "Debate over Ohio's energy mandates is heavy on opinions, light on research," Jeremy Pelzer, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

10/15/2015: "Ohio Politicians on 'Energy Mandates Study Committee' Took $830,000 From Dirty Energy Companies," Connor Gibson, Greenpeace USA, via Huffington Post.

10/2/2015: "Newsweek Once Again Fails To Disclose An Op-Ed Writer's Oil Industry Ties," Denise Robbins, Media Matters.

10/1/2015: "The Kochs' Campaign to Privatize and Make More Money Off of Our Public Lands," American Bridge.

*9/14/2015: "Flawed energy research from fossil fuel front groups," Op-ed, Gabe Elsner, Raleigh News & Observer.

9/10/2015: "North Carolina CBS Bureau Chief Demonstrates How To Disclose The Industry Ties Of A Koch Front Group," Denise Robbins, Media Matters.

*9/9/2015: "Renewables critics sound off," Laura Leslie, WRAL.

*9/9/2015: "Koch brothers tell lawmakers to tell other lawmakers: REPS bad for N.C." Jane Porter, IndyWeek.

*7/20/2015: "Koch Professor drops his Koch title, still makes same errors plus some new ones in Ohio study," Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

*7/20/2015: "Exposing Koch-Funded Groups and Their Dubious Claims About Renewable Portfolio Standards," Dorothy Barnett (Climate + Energy Project), via Huffington Post.

*7/7/2015: "Koch-funded study on cost of wind flawed throughout," Shauna Theel, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

*7/4/2015: "Logan firm a new player in Utah public lands debate," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

*6/29/2015: "Firm hired by Legislature for Utah lands fight has ties to Koch brothers," Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune.

*6/24/2015: "Boondoggled," Eric Ethington, City Weekly - Salt Lake City.

*4/24/2015: "USU business professor hits back at Newsweek over wind power op-ed," Kevin Opsahl, Logan Herald-Journal.

4/22/2015: "Newsweek: We didn't vet wind power op-ed," Hadas Gold, Politico.

4/21/2015: "Newsweek adds disclosure about Koch ties of professor who wrote anti-wind power piece," Erik Wemple, Washington Post.

*4/16/2015: "Charles Koch's Cut-and-Paste Attack on Clean Energy in North Carolina," Connor Gibson (Greenpeace USA), via Huffington Post.

4/13/2015: "Koch professor strikes out on wind," Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

4/13/2015: "Newsweek Cloaks Koch-Funded Professor's Dirty Energy Agenda," Andrew Seifter, Media Matters.

4/12/2015: "@Newsweek editors publish hit piece on #wind. Do they even care basic facts wrong?" Adam Siegel, Get Energy Smart Now!

*4/11/2015: "What's the True Cost of Wind Power?" + Editor's Note, Op-ed, Randy Simmons, Newsweek.

4/4/2015: "Kansas should turn natural resources into power," Letter to the editor, Michael Goggin, Topeka Capital-Journal.

4/1/2015: "Florida Man Buys State: Charles Koch Institute’s University-Giving Background," American Bridge 21st Century.

3/27/2015: "4 States Where Solar is Under Attack by Koch-Funded Front Groups," Anastasia Pantsios, EcoWatch / Ring of Fire.

3/27/2015: "Wind power blows past distortions of fossil-fueled opponents," Op-ed, David Jenkins and Andrew Fales, Salt Lake Tribune.

*3/23/2015: "Cookie-cutter Koch study in N.C. suffers from same errors, plus some new ones," Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

3/16/2015: "New Renewable Energy Studies: 'Garbage In, Garbage Out'," Tina Casey, Clean Technica.

3/13/2015: "Don’t ask, don’t tell," Editorial, Kansas City Star.

*3/11/2015: "Once errors corrected, Koch Professor’s study shows economic benefits of RPS," Michael Goggin, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

3/11/2015: "Kansas Senate leader cuts off questioning over Kochs’ connection to energy study," Wichita Business Journal.

*3/10/2015: "Kansas Senate chairman cuts off questions about Koch funding at energy hearing," Bryan Lowry, Wichita Eagle.



*12/7/2014: "Of two minds on economics: Does teaching at Creighton institute contradict Catholic social thought?" Steve Jordan, Omaha World-Herald.

*12/2/2014: "Universities aren’t the Ballet: Why university donations need to have no strings attached," Laurie Jones, Brave New Films.

*11/25/2014: "Examining the Koch Scholars Program," Brenna Kelly, The Utah Statesman.

11/2/2014: "Koch Money on Campus: Who's Getting Grants and For What?" Ade Adeniji, Inside Philanthropy.

10/13/2014: "Koch Foundation Buys Academic Slots," Marjorie Heins, Academe Blog / Free Expression Policy Project.

10/1/2014: "Billionaire Koch Brothers Investing Heavily in Climate Change Denial 'Research'," Between the Lines with Scott Harris, Interview with Connor Gibson, WPKN Counterpoint Radio.

*9/17/2014: "KOCH POLLUTION ON CAMPUS: Academic Freedom Under Assault from Charles Koch's $50 Million Campaign to Infiltrate Higher Education," Connor Gibson, Greenpeace USA.